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Our goal is to be your coach. We want to see you reach your goals and make important life changes.

Are you a martial artist that wants to compete, or get individual attention during training?
Can a massage therapist or personal trainer that’s dedicated to you help you reach your wellness goals?
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Mentoring Team

Emerson Emmett Doyle

Emerson Emmett Doyle

Owner of EvolveAll

Learn More About Emerson 🏄🏻‍♂️

I am a very passionate martial artist, but also make a living with my interests. I am therefore very interested in working with people that have dreams of making a career out of what they love. It can be difficult and challenging journey and I would love to help.

Sarah Zoeller

Sarah Zoeller

Yoga and Personal Trainer

Learn More About Sarah

To me, mental and physical wellness are keys to a happy life. I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor who also has a strong background in education and food preparation. My goal is to teach people how to find the time and knowledge to incorporate an exercise routine and healthy eating into their daily ives. I would love to work with anyone who is looking for this life balance.

Christian Daneis Mejia

Christian Daneis Mejia

Childrens Martial Arts Head Instructor

Learn More About Chri

I’ve been a martial arts instructor for 5 years. Working closely with children and teens, I’ve been drawn toward the ones that have a difficult time making friends, gaining self confidence and setting goals. Martial arts gave me the confidence that I couldn’t find in my middle school days. My goal is to teach martial arts and be a guide/listening ear for the teens who need it.

Jennifer Ebbert

Jennifer Ebbert

Yoga and Massage

Learn More About Jen

I am an inquisitive and enthusiastic student of anatomy and function in the body. I have spent many years studying yoga and massage. I would love to work with people who would like to have a better relationship with their bodies, effectively manage their stress and pain and move their bodies in healthier and stronger ways.

Brian Samson

Brian Samson

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

Learn More About Brian

I’ve worked in the rehab and fitness world for a long time. Helping people fix their injuries and dysfunctions makes me happy when they realize how much they’ve progressed. Teaching people how to maintain that feeling and know more about how they work and what works for them keeps me doing it.

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