Brian Samson

Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer

EvolveAll’s newest personal trainer and massage therapist brings years of experience helping people gain and regain strength while dealing with injuries, surgeries, and other physical challenges. Brian Samson has worked as both a personal trainer and massage therapist in medical and gym settings, after earning his bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and certification in massage therapy from Northern Virginia Community College. At first Brian aspired to be a pediatrician, then a nurse, then a physical therapist, before realizing that there was a demand for skilled trainers who can complement the work patients are doing in physical therapy. Brian’s massage practice is an extension of his approach to training, including assessment of which muscles have been affected by injury or surgery and how to help strengthen and heal those areas.

“I do a lot of teaching people how to understand and correctly deal with what’s wrong, like learning the difference between tightness and inflammation.” Brian’s aptitude for teaching was cultivated by his own instructors. “I had two teachers who really influenced me. One was an exercise physiologist who took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew.”

Brian worked at Inova Fairfax Hospital for several years in a variety of roles, including supporting physical therapy patients by focusing on fitness rehabilitation. Then he opened his own business as a trainer, while also developing his own skills as a power lifter, demonstrating to his clients what’s possible when you build muscle. “I wanted to bridge the gap between power lifting and physical therapy because I was seeing a lot of people with unequal muscles.

After he was injured in a lifting accident, Brian once again had the opportunity to model his own techniques. “I couldn’t get out of bed, but I still had clients to see. I thought, how am I going to rehabilitate myself so I can walk again? I told myself, ‘there’s no way I’m walking with a cane. I’m way too young.’ So I went through my own rehab programs and tested out what I had put my clients through. I could see what was effective and what wasn’t as effective. Now when I talk to my clients I can tell them I’ve done all of these things myself.” Brian maintained an intensive workout schedule, and after a month he was back to normal.

Once he added massage therapy to his skill set, Brian started working at a five-star spa in Middleburg, Virginia. That experience reminded him of the value of working on a team. When he came to EvolveAll in 2017, he was eager to collaborate with colleagues again. “It’s great having people to help if I have an idea about something I want to do. Everyone is always more than willing to help.” Brian also coaches several local football teams, including a full-tackle women’s football team.

Brian hopes that everyone in the EvolveAll community will take advantage of the in-house massage therapy that he, Christian, and Jen offer, to help prevent and address physiological issues. Between massage and training, Brian can help clients increase flexibility and strength and make activities of daily life easier.

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