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From a humble beginning in his parent’s South Arlington basement, Emerson Doyle’s fervor for martial arts ignited early. With an involvement spanning nearly 25 years in the world of martial arts and actively teaching for two decades, his dedication has been unwavering, shaped by early inspirations like Bruce Lee and techniques from various sources.

By age 15, immersed in Tae Kwon Do, Emerson quickly showcased his prowess by clinching his black belt in just two years. Returning from Florida, his interest further deepened into tricking and sport karate. Competing fervently, he exhibited his skills in forms, sparring, and board breaking divisions. Moreover, with the Creative Forms Crew, he thrived in team forms competitions.

After establishing himself as the head instructor of a Tae Kwon Do school, Emerson’s innovative spirit birthed Creative Martial Arts in 2010. Following the inauguration of the first EvolveAll studio, Emerson ventured into kickboxing and Muay Thai, leading him to train intensively in Thailand.

2016 saw another chapter of Emerson’s expansive martial journey with the introduction of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the studio, in collaboration with Cesar Cabrera. By May 2023, his commitment bore fruit as he earned his brown belt.

Beyond techniques and disciplines, Emerson champions an ethos of self-exploration, growth, and camaraderie in his teachings. “We don’t dictate actions or behaviors,” he underscores, mirroring his belief in mutual respect, joy, and community building.

A pivotal moment arrived in 2009 when he secured space at the White Birch Kung Fu School on Columbia Pike, laying the groundwork for EvolveAll. The studio, over the years, flourished into a comprehensive sanctuary, encompassing disciplines like yoga, self-defense, Tai Chi, boxing, and more.

Personal milestones adorned his path as, post the third iteration of EvolveAll, Emerson embraced marriage and fatherhood, adding two boys to his familial fold.

Today, the state-of-the-art EvolveAll facility on Columbia Pike stands as a beacon of Emerson’s journey, passion, and foresight. From a basement enthusiast to the heartbeat of a thriving studio community, Emerson Doyle’s life story epitomizes dedication, evolution, and the profound influence of martial arts.

“I was born a teacher. I think I was born to share things I’ve learned, and when you’re excited about something you want to share it anyway. And when you have someone who is interested in learning, even better. I really like that role – the mentor-student role is very important in my life.”  

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