Sarah Wascalus Zoeller

Yoga and Personal Training

I found yoga while working as a personal trainer. Curious to try new training methods, I began taking yoga classes and quickly realized the benefits for both my own health but also that it would be a great tool to use with my clients.

My original plan was to learn a little to help my clients round out their fitness routines of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, but after taking my first teacher training, I was hooked and knew I wanted to explore deeper into what yoga could offer.

I continued to take training and began teaching both private clients and then taking on yoga classes. As I taught, my personal practice grew and I began to reap other benefits from yoga. For me, yoga allows for a mental respite, time to de-stress and focus only on the present moment.   I soon realized that yoga was more than a fitness routine, but a way to help my mental health as well.

During my vinyasa flow yoga, I like to offer different options in poses, allowing people to choose what works best for them: to decide if they need mobility and stretch, strength or simply relaxation and a means to relieve stress.

I incorporate my experience with personal training and my knowledge of safe fitness practice into my yoga classes to create a flow that will build strength, flexibility and offer relaxation in one session.

Today, I enjoy bringing yoga to everyone. My goal for the yoga participants is leave class feeling better than when they began; taking away from the class what they need at that moment.


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

YogaFit Certified Yoga Instructor

TRX Certified Trainer

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