EvolveAll’s Yoga program is designed to be accessible and beneficial for members who practice yoga at any level. Our classes range from complete relaxation to help the body and mind rejuvenate and de-stress, to high intensity yoga-inspired workouts that promote cardiovascular fitness. Our highly trained instructors prioritize adapting to each member’s strengths and limitations, as well as helping them understand what their bodies need.

Our non-competitive and inclusive program incorporates the vinyasa style of yoga, which strings asanas (poses) together, moving from one to another seamlessly, using breath as a guide.

All classes are appropriate for all fitness and experience levels.

Which practice suits you today? 

SEISHI (Recover and Relax) Relax and unwind. Techniques include myo-fascial release and gentle stretching. Guided meditations and savasana complete each class.

SOSEI (Regenerate) Experience a slow flow yoga class to recover stability, flexibility and restore balance. Ideal for beginners, this lower intensity class focuses on understanding poses, stability, stretching and muscle recovery.

ANTEI (Balance) Stretch, strengthen and find balance. This medium intensity class focuses on flexibility, stretching and balance, and encourages yogis to challenge their abilities.

CHIKARA (Strengthen) An energetic practice to improve strength, stamina and flexibility. A high intensity vinyasa class that will build strength, challenge abilities, and release stress.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): A sweaty workout using Tabata—a high intensity interval timing consisting of 20 second work intervals and 10 second rest intervals for 8 rounds. A very fast-paced, sweat inducing class, using body weight, yoga-inspired moves combined with training style cardio moves to boost your metabolism, gain strength, improve stamina and increase cardiovascular fitness.


Drop in: $26/class

Monthly: $105/month

One year commitment: $95/month


       Meet our Instructors

Sarah Zoeller

Sarah Zoeller

Yoga and Fitness Trainer

Jennifer Ebbert, LMT

Jennifer Ebbert, LMT

Yoga and Massage Therapist

Tabitha Croy

Tabitha Croy

Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist

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Tried yoga this morning at EvolveAll and it was everything I had hoped for. The Wednesday morning class is restorative, meaning slower paced and really focusing on correct form. Jen, the teacher was welcoming and helped me with poses–I am returning to yoga after a long absence.
R. W.

Just tried the yoga class at EvolveAll…. Awesome! I’ve taken many yoga classes at many yoga studios but I definitely liked that this was not a typical yoga studio. The atmosphere was casual and everyone in the class seemed to have a smile to welcome anyone walking into the class that day. 

Shannon K.

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