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Yoga at EvolveAll in Arlington VA

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Student Spotlight – Alexander J

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Spring Growth Ceremony

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The great Kate Hudson Walker was nice enough to tke some amazing photos of the 2015 Spring Growth Ceremony at EvolveAll. As an athlete herself, Kate said she really enjoyed taking photos of these young people perservering and over coming challenges. Here’s the address for her phtotography. Book...

2015 Summer Camp Dates!

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Hello everyone, Evolve All has their 2015 summer camp dates and has opened registration!   The Early Bird Special gives an additional 10% discount – January 15th – February 15th 2015   We have a great summer of camps planned this year. In the past we have had a lot of success in giving an active option for our community’s youth. This summer will be our best year of camps ever! We can’t wait to grow with you.

Shugyo (spirit tempering) 9/20/2014

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The Evolve All Shugyo event that took place September 20th, 2014, was a huge success. The goal of the event is to challenge the adult martial arts participants in a way that would ensure personal growth. The learning process was put above all else and there was no focus on winning or losing their match up. Below was the write up for the event that was giving to the participants. A match based upon etiquette, respect and growth through learning.         Participants match up based whatever they choose. They can be different weights, heights, skill levels and ages. It isn’t about over taking your opponent here, it’s about control over emotions and your entire being. The mind is under control, the body is under control, and the spirit is being tempered. There is no winner in these matches. There is simply a panel of judges that give feedback on the participants performance....

Growth Ceremony – 8/23/14

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Growth Ceremony – 8/23/14

Adult Martial Arts Sparring Gear

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When training in the martial arts gear is needed to protect yourself and others from injury. Evolve All will now carry  two of the basic necessary pieces of equipment, gloves and shin guards.   Training glove basic knowledge: Gloves will protect you from rolling or spraining your wrist with the added support that the wrist strap provides. Gloves will allow you to hit your targets with more power, whether it be pouch mitts, thai pads, or hanging bags. Gloves will allow you to participate in light sparring. *TRAINING SCAR: (a training scar is a habit developed during practice that will hinder you in an actual situation) Gloves allow you to hit with parts of your hand that without them could injure or hurt you. For example during a hook punch with a glove, it is very easy to end up hitting with the thumb or the knuckles connecting the intermediate and proximal phalanges. That being...

Evolve All Web Promo

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Evolve All Web Promo

Early Morning Yoga!

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We have read the surveys and understand that there is an interest for early morning classes. Well, we’ve listened and are running a test to see if this class will work for our members. It will be a 6 week session. There will be a minimum enrollment for this class of 10 participants so please make sure you register sooner than later. Get ready for a workout that will get you prepared for the day and ensure that you will feel energized throughout! Here are the details:   When are the classes? Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15am – 7:00am The six week session will start July 8th, 2014. Where are the classes? Evolve All 940 South George Mason Drive Arlington VA, 22204 How do you register? Call or email us at – 703-585-4325 reception@evolveall.com What is the cost? $120 for all 6 weeks of classes Evolve All members get a 20%...

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