Hello EvolveAll friends and fam,

Many people have been asking about what is happening with the redevelopment of the Barcroft shopping center (the center we are in, including Foodstar). Well, here’s where we are at:
  • By next Summer will will be out of our current space.
  • We are currently looking for our new home.
  • AND We plan on staying in this area, as close as humanly possible.
Over the past 8 years we have grown very organically. With very little marketing, our members are the ones that have helped us to develop the community into what it is today. We plan on continuing this growth, and have no doubts that we will find our new home soon. We love the journey and are excited to see what’s next for EvolveAll. We are like lobsters. We grow within our current shell until we are busting at the seams. We then find a safe place, molt our old shell, we are exposed and fragile for a short time, harden, then continue to grow. We are almost ready for our forth shell!
We will update the community as soon as we have more information. We are thinking of holding a Guardians Gathering when there is enough information to share. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Our first space: Creative Martial Arts

When just starting out, we only taught teenagers, many of whom run the studio now. We subleased a space inside of White Birch Kung Fu. It was a great place that allowed us to develop who we are and build or initial team. We called our practice Creative Martial Arts. We practiced martial arts but in a new way. We held on to the traditional parts of martial arts like the discipline it instilled, but did it in a way that allowed for creative development of the techniques. We were interested in the freedom it offered.

Our second space: The Creative Arts Center

When we were ready for our very own space, we had begun to teach children and grew to about 40 members. We taught at local elementary schools and offered for them to continue their training with us at the studio. With the new space we had new ideas. We started to offer adult classes, expanded our after school program and continued to grow our team. Within a year we reached 100 members and continued to develop who we were.

Our third space: EvolveAll

This is where I believe we really grew into who we are. A community of people focused on personal growth. With families and members of all ages, we expanded or class offerings to include Yoga, Grappling, and a Gym Basics class. We are now ALMOST 300 members strong. We feel like a family. We feel like we have a unique role in this village.