Soupar Sovidaray

Personal and Group Trainer

Soupar Sovidaray, better known as Soup, has been friends with Master Emerson since kindergarten. When Emerson opened the Creative Arts Center, it was a natural fit for Soup to start running fitness boot camp there in the mornings. Soup has been a personal trainer since 2004, for a decade at several local gyms, and then venturing out on his own in 2014. When the studio became EvolveAll, Soup moved with it, and started doing personal training as well as group fitness classes at the George Mason Boulevard location. He customizes each class depending on who’s participating that day, and welcomes beginners as well as veteran athletes. Soup is certified as a trainer by the National Academy of Sports and Medicine.

Soup’s fitness journey began when he was a high school athlete, playing football and lacrosse and throwing shotput in track. As a result, he spent a lot of time working out and started learning about nutritional supplements that would support his conditioning. Soup realized that his friends were starting to ask him for advice on training and nutrition. “That’s how I started,” Soup recalled. “I like helping people and people started asking me for help.” So Soup’s ambition to become a trainer was born.

“I like meeting new people, seeing them accomplish their goals, and see them feeling better overall,” Soup explained. “When they’re training, people feel healthier, move better, and have more energy.”

Because everyone comes to the gym with their own physical challenges and goals, Soup has become expert at tailoring each workout. “Sometimes I have to push a little more,” he said. “Some people need more challenge. Some people need more structure. Some people need more guidance. Every person is different.”

Soup strives to make every workout fun, sometimes taking group classes outside to do a fitness activity. He also makes sure everyone he works with understands how to correctly use all of the fitness equipment in the strength training room at EvolveAll so they can use it on their own if they want.

“What I like about EvolveAll, is that it’s very community based and family based. Parents should take advantage of the fact that kids are doing something active, so they can do something active at the same time. If they have any questions about fitness I’m always available. Some people have no clue where to start. I can help. Evolve All is a place for everybody to grow and be healthy, from kids to parents, we support that.”

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