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Empower Your Child with Our Homeschool Martial Arts Program

Introducing a unique opportunity for children aged 8 and up – our Homeschool Martial Arts Program. Rooted in a rich blend of diverse martial arts traditions, this program does more than just teach self-defense; it shapes character.

With an emphasis on strength, discipline, and respect, your child will not only develop physical skills but also mature emotionally and mentally. Beyond the kicks and punches, we dive deep into lessons that instill values they can carry with them throughout life. Our close-knit community fosters friendships, promoting a sense of belonging and camaraderie among peers.

Join us and let your child experience the multifaceted benefits of martial arts. Together, we’ll empower them with invaluable life skills, all within a supportive homeschool-friendly environment.

Christian Mejia

Christian Mejia

YMA Head Instructor and Personal Trainer

Emerson Doyle

Emerson Doyle


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