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A Village Mentality

We are their recommendation letter. If you know us, then you know them. They are the most reliable real estate agents we have ever met. We stand behind them and thier work, and know they will help you.

Our Real Estate Agent

Wendy Dean and family have been with EvolveAll since 2005, and have helped many members within our community reach thier real estate goals. They are caring, listen to your wants, and make choices that work for you. They are selfless in nature and will do what is best for you are your family. Please reach out to them, or let us know you want more information. 

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Why we have community resources:


We believe in community. We believe with a strong support unit around us, we can have better, and more fullfulling lives. We want to create a network of trusted individuals that share our mindset, in order to create a better future for ourselves and others.


We hope to draw other resources, such as lawyers, general contractors, coffee shops, screen printers, and whatever else our community has to offer, to everyone in our space.

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