White Belt Form – Kata Ichi

This form focuses on the doorway defense, as well as the basic straight attacks; jab, cross, and front kick.

Yellow Stripe Form – Kata Ni

This form focuses on the “Wave Defense”, also known as parries.

Remember to protect your head while doing the Wave Defense both high and low.

Green Stripe Form – Kata San

This form focuses on the high shield.

Don’t forget to keep the arm tight onto the head while still looking at your target.  Turn your body away from the attack, not toward the attack.

Blue Stripe Form – Kata Yon

This form focuses on the middle shield.

You cannot stand straight and do the middle shield properly.  Stay hunched as if you have a heavy backpack and a stomach ache.  The skip front kick is introduced in this form.

Red Stripe Form – Kata Go

This form focuses on adding on to combinations and introduces the knee skip jab and knee skip cross.

Yellow Solid Form-Kata Roku

Yellow Solid form focuses on slips.  Keep those eyes up and get your head off of the center line!

Step behind sidekicks are introduced as well.  Reminder that all kicks should be at least belt height.


Green Solid Form-Kata Nana

This form focuses on the check-pass backward.  The rail hand is the opposite side of the leg that check passes.  Example: Left leg does the check-pass, Right arm is doing the rail.

Forward shuffle hook punch is introduced.  IMPORTANT: Each straight punch has a slip!

Blue Solid Form-Kata Hachi

This form is a mashup of all of the previous forms.  There is no pattern, so study this form well and practice frequently!

TIP: Break this form down into sections and try to perfect them, then put the entire form together.  Take your time when practicing, and focus on the small details!