If you were ever wondering why the Evolve All team members carry wooden swords with small inscriptions etched into them, I hope this gives you some insight.


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These swords were given to each team member for their extraordinary dedication in helping with the move from our 2,300 square foot space to the new 7,000 square foot studio. They were all hand made by a gem of a wood working shop in Vermont called King Fisher Woodworks. This same shop made the swords for the movie “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe. They are made from the extremely tough, air dried Appalachian hickory that they get from small family owned mills. I had each member choose their own inscription that had a special meaning for their future. Some inscriptions chosen include passion, inspiration, journey, patience, and ever changing.

Our goal with these swords was then to build a training system that has Evolve All’s vision: to be adaptive and innovative in personal growth. This means all previous traditional techniques would be disregarded and through the power of our modern minds we would create a system more relevant to our time and current world. In order to accomplish this task we would all have to be empty and be completely open books.

For a week after they received the swords they were asked to carry them with them everywhere in order to become better acquainted and comfortable. Weapons are supposed to be an extension of the human body and this was a great way to help that process. After the week was completed it was difficult to stop taking them everywhere so most of us just kept doing it.

This project is ongoing and I am excited to see where this leads us. It will help us to better understand how to remain in the moment and to be aware of what is around us.

– Master Emerson Doyle