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by: Jefferson Lewis III

What is evolve all?
Grown in the Heart of Arlington - 
     evolve all is a studio that had its humble beginnings right here in Arlington Virginia. It started with a small group of inspired individuals training in the fields of the local community centers, united by the common bond of bettering ourselves. Our family has grown a bit since then and we now own and operate a 7,500 square foot training facility built to give our community a place to cultivate the mind, body and spirit, something we all feel is very important. 
A Healthy Balance - 
     evolve all has an inspired group of instructors that run a variety of classes. They are primarily focused on physical fitness but with time they can offer more. Our goal is to provide the time and the space so you can devote it to personal growth. Life sometimes has the ability to derail you from taking this time out of your day so we hope to provide some balance. Your time spent at the studio treating yourself to exercise, mental stimulation and being around others positively involved in the same process is very empowering. 
Our Training Center - 
     evolve all is conveniently located in the Barcroft shopping center, a simple turn off Columbia Pike will bring you into a large parking lot with plenty of space. We currently have one of the largest open lots, not garages, on the pike in Arlington. This makes the process of getting to the gym that much easier and convenient. When members enter they simply scan their member card, which we keep at our front desk so you don't have to carry it around, and they then have access to all of the classes and can use our open gym time. 
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"The Lesson Room"
This room is where all the learning takes place. Martial Arts lessons like Evolve All F.I.T., personal training, group workouts and anything that requires a large padded room is best here. We have 1.5 inch high grade combo mats that provide shock absorption for falls and  take downs but is still stiff enough for kicks and spins. Plus, it feels great on your feet. Largest lesson room in Arlington VA.

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"The Power Room"
This room decked out with the equipment that matters for functional strength and power. The ground is covered with durable weight room tile flooring from Zebra Mats. Dropping the bar after a heavy dead lift with solid bumper plates just feels satisfying here. Each piece of a equipment was chosen to give you a better understanding on how to use your body's structure and design in order to get the maximum amount of power from it for martial arts or just for everyday life. 

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"The Turf Room"
The Skill Room is a favorite here at Evolve All. Whether you wear shoes or go barefoot, the Pure Grass Astro Turf's 8mm padding and RootZone infill feels amazing. Agility drills, battle rope intervals, martial arts, tire flips, Air Fit sets, heavy bag training and whatever else you can dream up are a great fit here.

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