The EvolveAll Symbol –


This is the symbol of growth and an artistic representation of the studio’s mission. The ensō (円相 , “circle”) is a circle that is hand-drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The ensō circle is purposefully not complete to remind us that we are not perfect, and that’s okay. Mistakes are just spaces where we have room left to grow. The single green streak down the center represents our ability to endlessly develop ourselves in a flexible way. Like a blade of grass. Below the symbol are the Japanese characters “hen gen Ji zai,” which mean “ever-changing.”

Be Ever-changing

The Right Wall –


The right wall represents the journey, which is always more important than the destination. The wave represents everyday life, with its non-stop ups and downs. Sometimes we are being thrashed around by the wave’s crash, and other times we are peacefully floating. It’s an emotional ride, but I believe we can tackle that challenge. The mountain is the stable and immovable force and represents the journey towards the character we hope to embody. The summit, the top of the mountain, is our goal. The Torii Gate represents the decision to climb and improve. It’s the point of embarkment or the entrance on the quest to change. Above the gate sits the studio swords, because we need weapons for this kind of adventure. 

Climb the Mountain

EvolveAll - training for life


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