Kickboxing and Conditioning

Thank you for your interest in EvolveAll’s Kickboxing and Conditioning class.

These workouts focus on the fundamentals of defense and offense for striking or stand up martial arts. You will learn the proper stance, footwork, how to generate power in your strikes, and get an incredible workout.

Our instructors have been teaching martial arts for over 15 years, so there is a lot of experience in the room. They will guide on your striking journey, helping you to reach goals and sharpen your skills.

In any martial arts practice conditioning is very important. This class also provides strength, flexibility and balance training. It is a great way to get in shape, stay there, and it will benefit all aspects of your life.


Class Times:



8:00pm –  Kickboxing Fundamentals



7:00pm – Fighting Fitness Class

8:00pm – Kickboxing Intermediate



8:00pm – Kickboxing Fundamentals



7:00pm – FIghting Fitness Class

8:00pm – Kickboxing Intermediate



9am – Kickboxing Fundamentals


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Meet Your Instructor:

Herill Manrique

Herill Manrique

Striking Coach

Things to know before you begin:

>The kickboxing and conditioning class takes place on the mat and often times in the gym. Shoes aren’t worn on martial arts mat, but are required in the gym. Please be prepared for both.
>Hitting pads and targets is a big part of this class. If you decide to be a part of this program you will need handwraps and boxing gloves. If you do not have these yet, we will provide them.
>Please wear athletic clothing to this class. No street clothes or jeans should be worn.


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