The Evolve All Shugyo event that took place September 20th, 2014, was a huge success. The goal of the event is to challenge the adult martial arts participants in a way that would ensure personal growth. The learning process was put above all else and there was no focus on winning or losing their match up. Below was the write up for the event that was giving to the participants.

A match based upon etiquette, respect and growth through learning. 

     Participants match up based whatever they choose. They can be different weights, heights, skill levels and ages. It isn’t about over taking your opponent here, it’s about control over emotions and your entire being. The mind is under control, the body is under control, and the spirit is being tempered.

There is no winner in these matches. There is simply a panel of judges that give feedback on the participants performance. The feedback is based upon how the participants handled themselves in the various situations that come up during the match. Feedback from the judges can be wide and varied depending upon what they themselves feel is important and the criteria set by the participants. 

There aren’t any participation rewards or anything that is contingent upon a criteria. The goal of the match up is intrinsic and something that only the participants can decide. If there is any reward it is the feedback it’s self, as anyone on the journey of mastery, on an earth that has many social and connected beings can, learn from.
     One of our goals in this adventure is to expose the ourselves to a different way of thinking. One that focus on what is important to the individual and the community as a whole. It promotes ideas and ethics that are inline with what the world could currently benefit from. Especially when the current mindset is on winning at any cost without consideration of other people, rather than working together and lifting others up.
Photo Credits – Bill Gookin