The Evolve All team presented the studio master with this shinto gate waterfall as a symbol of appreciation as well as a representation of what the studio stands for. The team worked together to come up with the right idea then got with Mr. Frank Ebbert, who is an outstanding craftsman and architect, to help build it. It is a beautiful piece that is one of a kind. It reinforces Evolve All's belief that with focus, dedication, team work and love, we have the power to create anything that we imagine.

       The structure on the top of the water fall is a Shinto Gate or Torii. Shinto means "the way of the gods". Shinto gates were placed in front of entrances to shrines where ancestors or spirits were given respect. The gates represented the transition from the profane to the sacred. For a martial arts training center this will help reinforce the fact that when you enter the studio you leave your ego behind and become a completely open book. The time spent in this state of openness will hopefully flow over into everyday life.

IMG 80931 - Shinto Gate Waterfall
IMG 8098 e1381165179251 - Shinto Gate Waterfall