The team members of Evolve All were recently trained by the owner of Samson Elite, a personal training gym in Springfield Virginia. Our goal in this training was to become more proficient coaches. We know how to use the equipment and perform exercises correctly but we wanted to have a deeper understanding of how each exercise benefits us, and also how to perform these exercises safely. We met with Brian Samson every Thursday in the turf room and were taught proper warm up techniques, exercises and their variations, foam rolling techniques, muscle groups and the way they operate. We were then tested on what we learned with written and practical exams.  Those that passed were certified under Samson Elite for “Preventative Measures” as well as “Intro to technique.”

With this information we hope to be better leaders and coaches for all of our students and members. Below is a blurb from the Samson Elite website:


“Samson Elite has been around for more than 5 years, working with various members of the active population ranging from high school students to clients well over the age of 80. We specialize in weight loss and pain management/injury resistance. Samson Elite is also experienced in training professional athletes, having worked with players from the US National Soccer Team, ATP/WTA Tennis Professionals, and the women’s professional tackle football team in the DMV area, the DC Divas. In addition to healthy and injured athletes, Samson Elite has over 6 years of experience in the physical rehabilitation setting, including post rehabilitation work for individuals working their way back from an injury. Let us help you reach the goals you’ve always dreamt of and let’s make it a reality.”

Samson Elite Website

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