Meet the Yoga Instructors

IMG 8567 - Meet the Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructor - Sarah Zoeller

I found yoga while working as a personal trainer. Curious to try new training methods, I began taking yoga classes and quickly realized the benefits for both my own health but also that it would be a great tool to use with my clients.

My original plan was to learn a little to help my clients round out their fitness routines of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, but after taking my first teacher training, I was hooked and knew I wanted to explore deeper into what yoga could offer.

I continued to take training and began teaching both private clients and then taking on yoga classes. As I taught, my personal practice grew and I began to reap other benefits from yoga. For me, yoga allows for a mental respite, time to de-stress and focus only on the present moment.   I soon realized that yoga was more than a fitness routine, but a way to help my mental health as well.

During my vinyasa flow yoga, I like to offer different options in poses, allowing people to choose what works best for them: to decide if they need mobility and stretch, strength or simply relaxation and a means to relieve stress.

I incorporate my experience with personal training and my knowledge of safe fitness practice into my yoga classes to create a flow that will build strength, flexibility and offer relaxation in one session.

Today, I enjoy bringing yoga to everyone. My goal for the yoga participants is leave class feeling better than when they began; taking away from the class what they need at that moment.



Ace Certified Personal Trainer

YogaFit Certified Yoga Instructor

TRX Certified Trainer

IMG 8568 - Meet the Yoga Instructors

Yoga instructor - Jennifer Ebbert

I came to yoga over 15 years ago to find relief from chronic back pain and have been practicing ever since.  

Over the past year, I stepped it up and finally decided to pursue teacher certification through YogaFit. I am attracted to YogaFit’s program because it is grounded in the traditional physical and mental discipline but adapts the practice for our modern lives and bodies.

I believe that yoga can be a wonderful way to care for ourselves and undo imbalances, stress and weaknesses brought on by our everyday lives.  Everyone can benefit from the practice of mindful focus, strengthening and balancing to help restore their body and mind. 

Some of you may know me as Sarah's sub, but I am excited to officially start teaching my own class!



I am on my path to completing a 200hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification, having successfully completed trainings in YogaFit Levels 1-3, Anatomy, Restorative Yoga, and Kids Yoga. I am also certified through Samson Elite for "Preventative Measures" and "Intro to Technique" in personal training.