Martial Arts Tricking is the once underground art that blends martial arts, gymnastics, break dancing and your own individual style. Born on the sport karate scene of yesteryear, it has developed to now have sponsered athletes through RedBull, international recognition and a devout following of enthusists and practitioners. The thing that I admire most about this art is the community of people that practice it. All very welcoming and interested in spreading this awesome outlet.

Gaby Macias


Gaby has been doing martial arts with most of the EvolveAll crew since 2005. She started by training in Tae Kwon Do but shortly after, discovered her passion for Martial Arts Tricking and has been Tricking nonstop ever since. Gaby has since contributed back to the Tricking community by hosting events and making Tricking apparel with a group called Euphoria TrickingEuphoria works toward breaking Tricking stereotypes and inspiring trickers to achieve their goals through hard work. She strongly believes anyone can be successful in Tricking—all it takes is heart and motivation. Gaby’s goal with the Tricking class is to help students express themselves through creative movement. She wishes to build a team of young trickers who understand this beautiful sport by pushing them to break through the mental and physical barriers she knows they’re capable of.

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