Kamil Ahmed

Youth Martial Arts Instructor

For Kamil, EvolveAll is like “a little village inside a city.”

“Everyone knows what’s going on, everyone knows what to do to help,” he said. “All doors are open, everyone’s hearts are open.”

That’s his favorite thing about working at EvolveAll.

Like many of the instructors, Kamil’s love for martial arts began with a Bruce Lee movie when he was five years old. His parents enrolled him in a taekwondo academy five years later, and he spent hours training every day after school for competitions and to get his black belt. He began teaching as a youth instructor at age 15 and hasn’t looked back.

“I like to see younger kids go from nothing to something in their own way, and in their own time,” Kamil said. “I love seeing older kids lift the younger ones up. They all bring a smile to my face, even when I’m having a bad day.”

 And it’s not just the kids that draws Kamil to teaching. He also has experience teaching people of all ages, including retirees.

“I love teaching everyone who is new to martial arts,” he said. “It’s very rewarding to watch a man in his 60s develop martial arts techniques he didn’t think he was capable of.”

 Bruce Lee and martial arts helped Kamil to overcome being bullied, gain the confidence he lacked and also his plans for the future. Today, Kamil’s mission is clear: As a teacher, he wants to improve our society by shaping our children to become credible leaders, and help them see that their actions must help others, not just themselves.

Give Kamil a high five the next time you see him and tell him how he has helped you.


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