Inclement Weather Policy

Hello Evolve All Family!


     The Evolve All team here with reminders and updates to our inclement weather policy. Our goal with this email is to keep our community in the loop and on the same page in regards to the way we operate. We also hope to make our policies simple to understand and easy to follow. It can be a difficult task to decide whether to open or close when the safety of children and our members are involved. Knowing this we do not make decisions a meteorologist should make, but instead rely on Arlington County and all of the resources they pull from. They aren’t perfect, but who is. We have confidence they will do a much better job than us!


Inclement Weather Policy


Evolve All will follow the Arlington Public Schools closing schedule.

  • If APS has cancelled school for the whole day, Evolve All will be closed.
  • If APS has a delayed opening schedule, all classes will be held as usual.
  • If APS sends students home early, and cancels after school activities, we will hold our mid-day adult classes, but will then close and cancel all afternoon and evening classes.
  • If APS holds a regular school day, but cancels after school activities due to weather, we will still pick up our After School Program students, but all other classes are cancelled for the afternoon and evening.  If you wish to use open gym the studio will remain open until 6:45pm.
  • On Saturdays, EvolveAll will follow the APS administrative offices closing schedule.

Day Camps - If we are holding a day camp for a holiday or school closure, we will follow APS administrative offices’ closing schedule.

  • If APS administrative offices are open at normal hours, Evolve All day camp will STILL start as scheduled.  However, if APS closes early, we will ask that you pick up your children BEFORE 4pm.
  • If your child is registered for a day camp and APS and Evolve All are closed, you will receive credit for a future day camp.