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This health coaching program seeks to spark a revolution in emboldening communities to grow in wellness together, by changing the way we achieve our best health and truly guiding the implementation of healthy lifestyle changes to treat and prevent diseases that would hinder our journey to wholeness.


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Jewel Osborne-Wu MD

Health Coach

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Michelle Seo

Health Coach

Our Philosophy

Our approach to personal health journeys is to act as a guiding light in achieving each unique life goal. There is no singular solution or diet that is perfect for everyone. Each person’s genetics and environment determine what foods and healthy lifestyle changes will suit them best. It is our job to help discover the gold mine of wellness within each person’s own life.

Letter to future clients…


Dear Friend,

I am so grateful that you have taken a leap into walking down the path towards wellness with me! Let me explain to you why this program exists. 

As a physician, I have spent nearly a decade working in primary care where we treat many people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. But I have seen how our current medical system is failing in both prevention and treatment of these conditions that are largely caused by our lifestyles. Unfortunately, us friendly primary care docs simply don’t have time in the short 10min visits alotted to us to give you the guidance and support you need to tackle major lifestyle changes.

I started developing this program as I saw a huge need for more help and guidance for those who want to prevent or treat a chronic disease OR simply be the best version of themselves that they can be. I realized how much information was available on all the billion social media platforms and thought “Man this is overwhelming! How can anyone know what to do first? And whether its truly science based?” I thought “Everyone could use a health coach!” So, my first aim of this program is to provide a one stop source for scientifically based guidance and coaching that can help one navigate the myriad of “health guru advice” that is out there.

Secondly, I personally have had to journey through my own path to wellness and I am still walking down it as a doctor mom of three ridiculously energetic kids. I wanted to incorporate my experience and share it with others because I realized that growth happens best in community. 

As a mom, I had my first child at the beginning of residency, one to the crazy-busiest times of my life! And with a husband who is also a physician, it was quite a struggle to take care of myself but I was eventually able to lose the baby weight. However, as many may know, recovery from each subsequent pregnancy can get harder and harder and I can fully empathize with the difficulties involved in working long hours, juggling childcare, and yet still being able to take care of oneself. I hope to use my journey to help you make changes that are simple yet effective and can be easily built into a busy workday.

My aim through this program is to help fill that gap and give clear well-guided evidence based support to lead you down your path to wellness. Whether you want to lose weight or just feel your best–no matter what your goal is– I just know that you are already on your way to success!!

Jewel Osborne MD

Health Coach, EvolveAll

Why Do I Need a Health Coach?


Do you have chronic pain?

Anxiety or depression?

Difficulty losing weight?

Do you want to improve stamina and mobility?

To reduce the weight of pandemic fatigue?

Are you overwhelmed by online health information?

Confused by the latest crazes and constantly changing dietary advice?

Do you want better control over a chronic disease that is affecting your quality of life?


A health coach is someone who uses positive psychology and motivational techniques to help YOU reach YOUR health goals! A health coach is a valuable member of anyone’s support network, and acts as YOUR mentor and wellness authority, using food and lifestyle changes to help YOU feel your best. The program offers interactive web based life style curriculum designed by Dr Jewel specifically for the EvolveAll community delivered daily via the virtual studio wIth an option to add personalized coaching and/or group fitness


EvolveAll’s six month health coaching program includes:


– Daily messages of instruction and support
– Individual coaching sessions
– Access to group social support through a local – community
– Access to EvolveAll’s open gym
– Group workshop
– Well designed educational units
– Mindfulness/Mental Health
– Harnessing your circadian rhythm
– Staying active
– Differences between processed vs whole foods
– Diets that best fit you culturally and genetically
– How to approach food sensitivities
– Improving your gut health


Expect to gain:


– Improved mental health
– Increased energy and stamina
– Strategies for weight management
– A community of support
– A wealth of knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life to propel your well-being further than you ever dreamed possible!


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