How do Virtual Classes work for Youth Martial Arts?

Our virtual classes are a great alternative to in person instruction. They allow you to join a real life instructor, along with other students from all over, to learn the basic tenants of martial arts, while getting physically fit, and adding structure to their day.

First, go check out the Virtual Studio, and make a FREE ACCOUNT This is where all Youth Martial Arts classes take place. You can also get more information or help from a real person on the team.

Once you have made a an account, visit the “Classrooms ⛩” tab on the left hand side of the Virtual Studio.

You will see all of the different classrooms that are currently running classes. Choose “Youth Martial Arts” and start with you 7 day free trial. You can then enter that classroom, and view the schedule, where you will enter the virtual classes.

Curriculum and Guidelines:

Students earn points for participating and doing well during virtual classes. They can also lose points for not participating or not trying their best. It’s a great way to keep the students motivated, and it builds confidence.

Students actually progress through a digital ranking system of belts and stripes. From white belt all the way through black belt.

Testing will take place in the “Activity” tab in class dojo. They will either be “approved” or “denied” based upon performance. If they are approved, a rank badge will be added to their portfolio:

1 stripe rank 150x150 - How do Virtual Classes work for Youth Martial Arts?

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