Cardio Rhthym

What is Cardio Rhythm?

Cardio Rhythm is an energetic dance-fitness class that challenges students both physically and mentally, experiencing freedom from the daily grind through music and dance. The core of this class is to let go through music and flow with the rhythm. Different musical genres are used to create original routines that are simple to follow, physically pushing you throughout the workout, while allowing the mind to stay active. Whether you’re looking for a workout or stress relief, Cardio Rhythm is the interactive class that will give you this rush of freedom through music, dance, and fun!

During my summer internship I took Zumba at Evolve All and I loved it!  Gabby is a fantastic instructor!  She is a talented and energetic dancer.  I enjoyed learning her many dynamic routines.  In addition, the music selection is fun, fast-paced and unique.  Gabby dances with the class and she also gives great verbal instructions.  I was drenched in sweat at the end of each class.  Warning:  This Zumba class is addicting!  If you are looking for a Zumba instructor with rhythm, look no further.  In addition, the studio’s employees are very friendly.  Pricing is affordable.  Parking is abundant.

Alyssa T.

I just tried Zumba here and it was pretty fun. They let you try your first class for free, which is pretty great.  It was my first time trying Zumba. Everyone was very friendly and I would visit this location again.


Gaby Macias

Gaby has been teaching dance fitness since 2011 and grows more passionate about it with every class. She first brought dance fitness to EvolveAll in 2012, where the program grew quickly and provided the opportunity to grow and connect with each of her students. All of them brought a new energy that drove her to become a better instructor. Gaby simply loves to dance and always tries her best to provide a class where students can feel that same freedom through music. She really loves to teach and choreographs in a way that students don’t feel like they are working out. Gaby especially looks forward to teaching and strongly believes the world needs dance.


Dougie has been a part of the dance fitness community for six years before taking a brief break. However, it wasn’t too long before he was drawn back into it and started teaching a class at EvolveAll the beginning of summer 2015. Music and dance have always provided Dougie with the chance to feel confident enough to let go and enjoy the present moment. Being able to provide others with that feeling was something he couldn’t stay away from. Steps can come easy to some and be more of a struggle to others but seeing the growth the students reach through each class, each song, and letting the music take control will always super satisfying and amazing. Even if we aren’t all dancers, we are all just looking for a healthy escape from our sometimes hectic and busy lives. No judgment, just freedom. Life can be that simple and amazing.

Training Arts Center

5818 Seminary Rd, Falls Church VA, 22041


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