Saturday Class Update & New Cardio Rhythm Prices

As you all know, Dougie teaches Cardio Rhythm on Tuesdays at 7:45pm. This has been his only class per week up until now…starting Saturday, November 5th, Dougie and Gaby will be alternating teaching the Saturday Cardio Rhythm classes at 10:00am. We’re excited for this new update so students can experience more of Dougie’s amazing classes. 

When we first started dance fitness at EvolveAll, we had a dedicated membership for the program. We made a few updates to combine all our Adult Program memberships and we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing back a dedicated Cardio Rhythm Membership! This membership will include all Cardio Rhythm classes through out the week with your favorite instructors, Gaby and Dougie. 

Our new prices will be effective starting November 1st at the following rates:
Cardio Rhythm Membership
: $55/month
Cardio Rhythm Drop-Ins: $15/class

If you’d like to switch over your membership, please see the front desk before your next class 🙂

Cardio Rhythm

The youth martial arts program is focused on developing a strong character first and foremost. The techniques are truly secondary. If they have a focused, confident, disciplined, and respectful character, then the martial arts skills come more easily.

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