Youth Programs @ EvolveAll 🌍

Youth Martial Arts

The youth martial arts program is focused on developing a strong character first and foremost. The techniques are truly secondary. If they have a focused, confident, disciplined, and respectful character, then the martial arts skills come more easily.

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Summer & Day Camps

EvolveAll runs full day camps throughout the year on holidays, when school is out, and through out the summer. They are full of fun and enriching activities that will not only develope a strong character but teach valuable life skills that will last them thier whole lives. 

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After School Program

The After School Program serves as a great solution for the parents and guardians that need the features of an extended day program, but just want more from it. A structured and positive environment serve as a place for participants to grow in many ways, while having fun and leaning something useful. 

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Martial Arts Tricking

Martial Arts Tricking is the once underground art that blends martial arts, gymnastics, break dancing and your own individual style. Born on the sport karate scene of yesteryear, it has developed to now have sponsered athletes through RedBull, international recognition and a devout following of enthusists and practitioners. 

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Training Arts Center

940 George Mason Drive South Arlington VA 22204


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