EvolveAll’s Approach


We have three major focuses, to build a strong character, to teach valuable defense skills, and to teach students about respect


  • Character is the most important. Who these children are as people will bring the most benefit to their lives. Developing resilience, focus, discipline and confidence are lifelong skills that come before everthing we do at the studio. 


  • As far as the techniques go, our aim to to make well rounded martial artists. We take from many different arts to create a bend that we believe makes them strong, and gives them the ability to defend themselves if they are ever put in that position. Some arts we draw from are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. 


  • The final ingredient we hope to instill in all of our students is respect. How they treat others in and out of the classroom, learning to look people in the eye, and appreciating those that contribute to thier growth, are all resons respect is so high on our list.


How people start:

Everyone does the two week trial to begin. It allows you to see how our community operates and see if the program is a good fit for you and your family. We believe the most important part in making that decision is if they instructors and the students connect. Only one way to tell… join in. 


We received a free belt from a long time student at Evolve All and thought “Why not?” and signed my two oldest boys up. It’s been love ever since! I enjoy watching the classes and especially how the instructors interact with the children. They are firm and focused but kind and understanding at the same time. The students are great, too. I’ve never heard any negativity coming from any of them and they are all very helpful to each other.

My oldest son enjoyed the free trial weeks so much that he insisted I *had* to sign him up. He has Aspergers and low muscle tone and, because of those limitations, has quit pretty much every sport we’ve signed him up for after the first few practices. I knew Evolve All was the right fit for us after he told me that yes, it was hard work and he’s very tired after every class but he really, really likes it. And I should mention that my sons both think the Evolve All staff are total rockstars! I highly recommend Evolve All.

Kiki H.

The Evolve All staff and Master Emerson are absolutely amazing.  The patience, attentiveness and instruction given to everyone is truly extraordinary.  After trying many extra curricular activities with 4 children we found something not only worthwhile in a one dimension manner but something that is part of a lifestyle.  We started with one child and now the whole family (including mom and dad soon) are involved and learning. Enough cannot be said about Master Emerson and his approach.  His is truly unique and one of a kind.

Evolve all is very special and certainly worth any amount of time.

Robert F.

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