Gina A.

Wish they had 10 stars!!! This place rocks!!! The atmosphere here is really unique and absolute fun for kids.  Even though everyone is paying attention and the kids are learning, the instructors make it fun.  The instructors truly like the kids and all the kids are so happy it's ridiculous.  I don't know what they put in the air here but there is something really unique going on.  It's different from any other martial arts place.  I can't imagine my son going anywhere else.  My son really feels liked and special and tries his best for Master Emerson and Mr. Christian and Mr. Lorenzo.  He is at his absolute best while he is here.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Ryan B.

After being absent from martial arts for a long time, I decided that I kind of miss practicing and needed to find a gym that would be a good fit for my needs. I also enjoy crossfit, bootcamp and zumba workouts and practice yoga. So when I saw what this school had to offer I felt like it was a match made in....match.com. I've tried almost every class available to me and have enjoyed each one. All classes are performed without wearing shoes as they have padded floors and an astro-turf area. It's really cool how they have 3 partitioned training areas. Clean bathrooms and changing areas are also available.
Let me go over the menu:
Adult martial arts - One hour long and emphasizes on learning and improving on the foundations of any martial art. How to throw various punches and kicks. How to move your body, keep your balance, judge your distance from an opponent, and work on your speed, power and timing. You get to spar with your classmates (wearing pads of course) and attack the punching bags they have. Sparring with classmates is done  carefully and gets your body used to punching and kicking and the stuff I mentioned, while attacking a punching bag lets you go full power. There's a great feeling of camaraderie between the students and the classes are fun. 
F.I.T. classes -  Never the same and are  well rounded full body workouts. They start off with a 10-15 minute warm-up involving running and ballistic stretching. Then you get to things like various push-ups, squats, ab exercises, running, hopping and lifting. If you want to get into shape, this is an excellent program.
Zumba - Very dynamic and fast paced. The music is loud and even has disco lights. Feels like a Latin party. Guaranteed to burn calories and tighten the butt.  
Yoga - Good for the body and mind. Stretching, strengthening your core and muscles you didn't know you had. It's good to do this after a week of work, stress, and taking the other classes.
I opted for the monthly membership at around $75, which includes unlimited classes. It's a great price for all the classes I get to jump into. They do have other pay options to suite your needs. Especially if you prefer to just drop in whenever you feel like it and don't want the monthly charge. 
So whether you are into fitness, want to get into fitness, want to learn martial arts, like to dance and shake that thang and need some yoga to balance all that out, this might be the place for you.

Patrick S.

There are certain few people you meet in your life that have the "it" factor - an ability to draw attention without effort and remain calm and collected even in the face of adversity - and Emerson Doyle, Master Instructor at Evolve All Martial Arts Training Center, is one of those people.  Combine this with a deep knowledge and technical command of martial arts and Master Emerson is an extremely effective teacher/instructor.  Master Emerson's style and effectiveness extends to each of his instructors making Evolve All a wonderful place to pursue martial arts.  
When my son, who is seven, expressed an interest in learning "karate" I had some reservations as I knew little about it beyond what I saw on television.  I had bad visions of Cobra Kai from The Karate Kid.  However, after just the first couple of classes at Evolve All (formerly Creative Martial Arts) my son was hooked and I was a believer.  Master Emerson and the entire Evolve All team provide a positive, caring environment that is free from judgment for students to learn.  It is an environment that not only teaches students self-defense, but encourages them to grow holistically as a person.  Using self-defense as the medium, the instructors at Evolve All are helping their students develop the key personality traits needed to succeed in life.  Respect, discipline, confidence, integrity, focus are a fundamental part of the instruction at Evolve All -- and are among the key reasons my family loves it here.  This is not to say that self-defense and technique take a back seat... quite the contrary.  Each student must pass a series of tests on punching, kicking, and form technique before taking a formal, final test in front of Master Emerson in order to achieve the next belt in the hierarchy.  It is a format that builds strength and confidence in the students and one they seem to truly enjoy.
In addition to martial arts instruction for children, Evolve All offers many other programs.  There is an after school program for children that includes homework support and activities.  For adults there is Zumba, Evolve All F.I.T, and a gym with unique equipment not found in your typical gym.  And, Master Emerson has recently created a comprehensive martial arts program for adults that is an awesome challenge yet suitable for all skill levels (even for beginners... trust me, I know).  
So, if your children (or even you) are interested in learning martial arts or you would like to get in better shape in a positive, family-friendly environment, talk to the team at Evolve All.  If you are not immediately sold by the friendly smiles and the warm-welcome then stick around and watch the instructors do what they do best.  They are definitely in their element when teaching.