When training in the martial arts gear is needed to protect yourself and others from injury. Evolve All will now carry  two of the basic necessary pieces of equipment, gloves and shin guards. 

Training glove basic knowledge:

  • Gloves will protect you from rolling or spraining your wrist with the added support that the wrist strap provides.
  • Gloves will allow you to hit your targets with more power, whether it be pouch mitts, thai pads, or hanging bags.
  • Gloves will allow you to participate in light sparring.

*TRAINING SCAR: (a training scar is a habit developed during practice that will hinder you in an actual situation)

  • Gloves allow you to hit with parts of your hand that without them could injure or hurt you. For example during a hook punch with a glove, it is very easy to end up hitting with the thumb or the knuckles connecting the intermediate and proximal phalanges. That being said, during training always be aware of what part of your hand you are hitting with.

Shin guard basic knowledge:

  • Kicking with the shin is damaging and therefore needs a lot of padding to be safe for you and your training partner.
  • It is also painful for beginners to check or block a kick with the shin, a technique made popular by Muay Thai, and therefore the guard allows for practice of this technique.
  • The top of the foot is also protected as the bones on this part of the foot are fragile. 


  • With shin guards on checking or blocking with the shin is painless, but with out them it's very painful. Relying on checks with your shin can hurt you in the long run.

"BRAVE" sparring and training glove

•Ideal for heavy bag training
•Curved design reduces hand fatigue while a cushioned grip bar aids in precision fist forming
•Constructed with high density, multi-layered foam for impact absorption


"DRIVE" sparring and training glove

•Ideal for training or bag work
•Mesh palm allows for breathability
•Hook and loop closure for a secure fit
•Attached thumb to ensure proper thumb placement
•Polyurethane construction for enhanced durability


"DRIVE" Sparring and training shin guard

•Traditional shin/instep guards provide coverage for the shin and top of foot
•Two lower leg and foot straps prevent shifting during training
•Engineered with high compression multi-layered foam for maximum absorption
•Lined with quick drying anti-slip fabric


"CREED" Pro Sparring and training shin guards

•Hook and loop closures prevent shifting during the hardest kicks
•Rigorously tested and developed at some of the top MMA schools in the world including Jackson/Winkeljohn MMA
•Full grain, premium leather for exceptional durability and performance